Is It Always Better To Have Health Insurance?

By Jane M. Orient, M.D.

Uninsurance is portrayed as being like a disease; it has even been called an epidemic. At a minimum, it puts you one medical bill away from bankruptcy, and you might even die from it, they say.

Yet some people I know, even doctors, do not want to buy health insurance.

And I know of at least one person who was very lucky to have had hers cancelled.

Here’s her story. She told an acquaintance, who happened to be a physician, about her eye symptoms. “Wouldn’t you know! I lost my insurance a couple months ago, and now this!”


One thought on “Is It Always Better To Have Health Insurance?

  1. We recently had our first baby, the line item hospital charges for him came in at $1,100 I then got a EOB and bill from the hospital stating that I owed almost $4,000 dollars for his care (it was a health birth, no complications or issues) I called BCBS and the hospital curious why my adjustments and write offs were tripling my bill and was eventually told that the DRG is the $4,000 price so that’s what I owe. (I have a high deduct so it was all under deductible). I asked the hospital, “your basically telling me that if I was uninsured my bill would be $1,100 but because I have insurance it is $4,000?” the reply was, yeah that’s basically right.

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