Patients and doctors reject protocol medicine

While pressure mounts to get doctors to follow “best practices,” getting patients to follow them will be even more difficult. A 2007 Harris Interactive poll found that 43% of Americans say they are concerned about overly aggressive treatment. And 44% have ignored a doctor’s advice or sought a second opinion because they felt a doctor’s treatment was unnecessary or too aggressive. More than a quarter left a prescription unfilled because they thought it was not needed, and 13% failed to get a recommended diagnostic test. Among respondents who chose not to follow a doctor’s advice, 89% said that nothing negative happened as a result (Wall St J 3/15/07).

More than 35% of Americans report using some form of alternative medicine, according to a survey conducted by Thomson Medstat ( 2/17/07). Nearly half (49.9%) of all households with incomes greater than $100,000/yr, and 49.6% of those with postgraduate degrees used alternative medicine. Utilization dropped to 18% among those without a high school diploma.

Herbal supplements and massage/chiropractic care were the most common modalities used, followed by mind/body practices, energy therapies, and naturopathy. About two-thirds of respondents said that their regular physicians were aware of their use of these practices.

Almost half of the physicians surveyed at three U.S. medical schools admit to prescribing placebos, defined as remedies they expected to have no physical effect, but only 4% told the patients that the prescription was a placebo. This included antibiotics for colds and ibuprofen, as well as vitamins and herbal supplements. Doctors may give a prescription to “boost patient morale,” although the practice is widely unacknowledged (Tom Randall, Bloomberg News 1/4/08).

Some medical boards are issuing guidelines about the use of “alternative,” “complementary,” or “integrative” medicine. Believing that this signals a significant change, the Pima County (Arizona) Medical Society has resumed meetings of a committee on such practices, which were suspended out of fear that physicians could be considered guilty of unprofessional conduct if they listened to physicians explaining their use of nonstandard treatments and did not report them to the medical board.

The definition of “alternative” is treacherous, as it includes practices that may be based on Western scientific concepts but are not generally “made available.” Moreover, it is possible that medical boards could employ a double standard in evaluating evidence for efficacy and safety of practices deemed “alternative,” cautioned AAPS Executive Director Jane Orient, M.D.

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  1. Strict protocol medicine is intended to be a money maker for the pharmaceutical and insurance “cartels” and those behind Codex Alimentarius (i.e. I.G. Farben spinoffs, ex-Nazis, New World Order types). By virtue of the very short patient visits (inadequate time spent with patients) and what will be almost obligatory prescribing of medications “by diagnosis” as part of “quality control” and “standards of care”. it will be very difficult for doctors to do anything other than what these strict protocols call for, without the doctors jeopardizing their licenses for “failing” to have followed “standards of care” guidelines. Please remember that similar “standards of care” protocols are what brought us “forced vaccinations”, the “autism epidemic” from mercury in these vaccines, a nationwide epidemic of mercury poisoning from dental amalgams leading to various neurodegenerative disorders including multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, heart disease, fluoride in the drinking water and bromide in over the counter preparations leading to hypothyroidism by interference with iodine metabolism (fluoride is above iodine on the periodic table of the elements and bromine below iodine), fluoride in those pink pills you took as children, and fluoride as used by the Nazis to “dumb down” and control the population, which is exactly what is going on here in the U.S. with people unable to perceive what is going on, or understand why people from other countries do so much better in school, etc.
    “New World Order” is all about money; your value to the system is your value as a “taxpayer”. Congressmen and Senators talk about “good taxpayers” all the time and they know who butters their bread and who to speak to about “good taxpayers”. When somebody goes from being a “good taxpayer” to someone who is a “drain on the system” (such as one who is retired, on disability, on welfare, etc.), there is an element that wants these people “dead” so that they will no longer be a “drain on the system”. This element regards us as “human cattle” to be “managed”. Since it is not possible for them to just “shoot” these people/human cattle, their deaths are accomplished, in “socialized medical systems”, through deliberate delays in necessary care which are disguised as “government inefficiency” (this is an old trick). “Oh, so sorry your mother just died waiting for a coronary artery bypass. She’d only been waiting 3 years and only had another 2 to go.” For those not able to be gotten rid of in this way, there are a lot of “medications” which will help this process along because of toxic side effects which are well known but often covered up. Older, sicker people often think they need more medications, and this process is helped along by the excessive prescribing of medications, while someone is making a lot of money off of those medications. People are mostly kept in the dark about much better alternatives because doctors who do alternative medicine well frequently lose their licenses (the bad guys are not worried about those who do not do alternative medicine well because then they can just say, “We told you so!”). Doctors have their licenses taken away from them by medical boards in a way that denies them “trial by jury” which is “guaranteed” by the U.S. Constitution. The fact that this occurs makes it illegal, unconstitutional, and criminal.
    The people who do these types of things, suppressing life saving alternatives and persecuting doctors who try to practice them, are guilty of “conspiracy to commit murder” and should pay the full price for doing so. At least the full penalty should be on the books as a disincentive, but I think there should be a few “examples” made to make it clear that this will not be tolerated any longer. The head of I.G. Farben got away with a slap on the wrist at the Nuremberg Trials (5 years in prison) and he was responsible for many deaths. Much bigger problems are looming just over the horizon, in 2009, when Codex Alimentarius is to be implemented more fully; had appropriate penalties been in place, and enforced, this would probably not be coming in 2009.
    Vladimir Lenin said that in order to control a country, you have to control the medical system of that country; it appears that he eventually got his wish. Nevertheless, Lenin, Trotsky, Lavrenti Beria, and Stalin still showed more “compassion” for Russians victimized by famine when they found out that certain “grain profiteers” diverted grain shipments for their own profit; they had them quickly executed for conspiracy to commit murder. The inordinate restrictions placed on what should be “free market” medicine have deliberately created shortages, and overpricing, in U.S. medical care. This, in itself, has been a “conspiracy to commit murder” and needs to be dealt with.
    God gave a basic set of the best laws called the “Ten Commandments” designed to permit maximum freedom, creativity, happiness, and productivity. If we want a freer and better U.S., and world, we have to get back to the Ten Commandments. A new education system also needs to be “permitted” which is not the “racket” that the current one is. Professional athletes get so good at what they do because they are “free” to do it, and don’t have to spend outrageous “tuition” to do it. The learning of anything is fundamentally no different than learning to play sports. People like Pancho Gonzalez, Muhammad Ali, and Rod Laver didn’t have to spend any money on “tuition” to become the best in the world at what they did.

  2. I agree with the comments of the last poster. FDA has tried several times to regulate alternative medicine (supplements, herbal treatments, homeopathic, etc.) in order to control the people from being able to seek out other health options. It’s just a matter of time before they (FDA) take this right away. Which equates to more government control.
    People need to wake up to what’s happening and unite against this NWO.

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