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Dear Senator Lott,

I applaud your efforts on behalf of physicians and healthcare consumers throughout the nation regarding the AMA's monopoly on CPT codes. I urge you to remain courageous and stalwart in your efforts. There is no question that the AMA has not acted in anyone's best interest but their own in order to increase profits. The codes should be free to all as any government required form is, i.e., IRS forms. We physicians need to be freed from bureaucratic constraints so that we can efficiently deliver the best healthcare in the world. Your help in the dissolution of this AMA-government cartel will do more for the future improvement of the healthcare system in this country than any Patient's Bill of Rights. It may even be the catalyst for the kind of revolutionary change that the system needs to make healthcare more available to all and to make it less hurtful to those of us who provide it.

Thank You and Good Luck,

Richard J. Lewis, D.O., FACOG
1725 Rt. 35
Wall, NJ 07719