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February 17, 1998

The Honorable Nancy-Ann Min DeParle
Health Care Financing Administration
Department of Health and Human Services
200 Independence Ave. SW
Washington, DC 20201

Dear Ms. DeParle:

I understand that $800 million in new "user fees" are being sought from Medicare providers. Among these is a certification fee, and a recertification fee to be paid every five years. We do not understand what this might mean.

In the past, physicians were signed up as Medicare Part B "providers" without taking any action, whether or not they wished to be a part of the program. Does the agency intend to change this situation? If the change is accepted, will physicians now providing service to Part B beneficiaries be required to submit an application in order to continue doing this?

Our office receives frequent inquiries about Medicare policies and proposed changes, so we would appreciate a prompt and specific response.


Jane M. Orient, MD
Executive Director

cc Senator Jon Kyl

[No answer as of 6/4/98]