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AAPS is coordinating many activities to bring about a resolution to the liability crisis in Pennsylvania, such as additional tort reform legislation and eliminating the insurance requirement. But many special-interests in the state privately work to block these changes because of conflicts-of-interest – they make money from insurance product.

Our legal foundation has also taken on the project of exploring a challenge to the conventional wisdom interpretation that the Pennsylvania constitution prohibits caps on non-economic damages. This single reform would immediately lower premiums as it has done in states such as California.

We are also organizing a Physician Task Force to watchdog the Governor’s Task Force consortium to coordinate actitivies of various organizations and ad hoc groups

And if your final decision is to go bare, or to leave the state, we can help you with information about how to do that.


If you want additional alerts or to be a part of the Task Force, contact us. Phone, email or fax, and you’ll get the straight story from a professional association that has no financial interest in the conflict.

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