The right not to work for Obamacare
llustration by Alexander Hunter for the Washington Times
The right not to work for Obamacare

Excerpt of article by AAPS Exec. Dir. Jane Orient, MD, in Washington Times:

I do not want to work for the Department of Health and Human Services — not for HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius or for her successor. I don’t want to work for Medicare, Medicaid, United Healthcare, other third-party payers, accountable care organizations or other Obamacare creations.

I want to choose my employer. I think it is generally a bad idea to choose an employer who is bankrupt, as the U.S. government surely is. I don’t intend to sign a managed care contract in which I promise to keep working even if the billion-dollar company goes bankrupt and stops paying me. Those contracts have an Enrollee Hold Harmless Clause that forbids billing patients when the plan doesn’t pay.

I don’t want to help enrich the American Medical Association. Although I have not visited either place, I hear that the association headquarters is even more opulent than Goldman Sachs. The association lives high on the profits from the procedural codes (CPT codes) required by Medicare and most third parties. Doctors have to buy the codes or pay for endless counterproductive busywork to justify the procedures they perform.

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