Romney Clearly Presidential in Third Debate
Wayne Iverson, MD
Romney Clearly Presidential in Third Debate

By Wayne Iverson, MD San Diego, CA

Mitt Romney was brilliant Monday night such that the folks heavily invested in seeing their man prevail in a kickboxing match were disappointed. There was no blood and no one had their nose broke. Obama had a gunnysack of things he was ready to unleash but never had a chance to play them.

In the simplest of terms, Romney use the debate Monday night as an opportunity remind the country where the US currently stands in its Foreign Policy, how we got to this point and how deficient the Obama Administration has been in its dealings this past 4 years. Regardless of who's President, the US will respond similarly on some fundamental issues. Romney laid these out when he agreed that the US had engaged correctly in a variety of actions. But Romney was devastating accurate in how Obama was either too little too late or missed pursuing the best course in dealing with our Foreign Policy issues. Romney did empty his gunnysack of Obama's deficiencies in this dialog by mentioning that Obama: sought to put daylight between the US and Israel, snubbed Israel to ingratiate himself with Israel's enemies, trusting in Kofi Annan and the Russians to help in Syria, failing to help dissidents in Iran, undertaking an Apology Tour, and more.

The best Obama could do is say that he was happy Romney found agreement with him and that Romney was a flip flopper. Romney's response was quite appropriately: the US Foreign Policy is not about me, rather our Foreign Policy is where we are and where we need to go. Then Romney would launch a superb discussion of an issue and solution, and he did this repeatedly through the Debate. Especially insightful to the issue of an effective Foreign Policy is having the US be economically strong at home so we have to ability to follow through in matters around the world. On that subject Obama had no defense, and that was Checkmate !

Mitt Romney showed the country that he is an intelligent mature individual ready to lead. He could have scolded Obama all night long, but what we need is an appropriate leader as President and Romney clearly showed he is that person.