Physicians TellDC to Get Out of the Patient Doctor Relationship

Participants at the May 6th Take Back the Profession Conference had their questions for their congressional delegation or Cabinet members videotaped by Tim Yale of

TellDC - Jane Orient, M.D. to HHS Secretary Sebelius
Secretary Sebelius, Does an American lose his or her right to spend his or her own money to buy a medical service from a physician just by signing up for Medicare? If I need a life threatening service, may I use my own money to buy the care I need?

TellDC - Dr. Arnold Zeiderman to Congressman Lungren
I have been practicing medicine for over 40 years in a small rural community. I have begun to see the deterioration of the quality of healthcare available. Are you willing to talk with doctors in the community to see what we can do together to fix this?

TellDC - Dr. Kathleen Brown to Congressman DeFazio
Healthcare is being destroyed by government rules and regulations. PPACA is making it worse. Healthcare is based on the doctor-patient relationship. Will you insure I can work directly for my patients without government control and restrictions?

TellDC - Dr. Paddy Jim Baggot to Congressman Becerra
What I can see is both state and federal government provide enormous amount of support to abortion clinics in favor of abortions an there is no support for women that might want to make another choice. Can you do something about that?

TellDC - Dr. Alan Lasnover to Congressman Bilbray
I am Dr. Alan Lasnover a retired OBGYN and I am concerned the current healthcare law is having an adverse effect on physicians and patients. Why was there a law passed that members of congress and the public didn't have time to thoroughly review?

TellDC - Dr. Philip Butler to Congressman Issa
My question is how do we enact not government controlled medicine that we can't afford but changing it so patients can retain access to their own physician... and not restrict everyone to an inferior brand of medicine?

TellDC - Dr. Michael Couris to Congresswoman Davis
I am concerned about out Healthcare and our Country. We are on a path to medical rationing. Will you support private ownership of healthcare and keep us from being the next example of failed healthcare systems like Canada and Greece?