Doctors Must Lead the Charge  To Protect Patient-Physician Relationship
Doctors Must Lead the Charge To Protect Patient-Physician Relationship

Now is the time to Take Back Medicine! 
The Supreme Court has ruled and the fight has begun anew. The next four months are going to be the best opportunity in our lifetimes to put control of medicine back in the hands of patients and their physicians.

Will it be easy? No. 
Does it have to be done? Yes!

AAPS is redoubling our efforts to turn the tide but we cannot do it without your help.

Below we will tell you about steps AAPS is taking, but before reading on, our President, Alieta Eck, MD would like to know who's willing to stand with her in this fight for patients.

Please CLICK HERE and take 30 seconds right now and let Dr. Eck know that you're with her and answer a short survey about how you are willing to help. 

There are many simple things that you can do listed in the survey and we need everyone to pick at least ONE item to-do, even if it's simply telling Dr. Eck you stand with her and AAPS in the fight. This quick survey will help us better help you in this battle to save medicine.

Abolishing this disastrous law and restoring patient sovereignty will take numerous approaches. Here are the areas AAPS is focusing on in the next 4 months (and also ways for you to help).


In Thursday's ruling, we won 5-4 on the Commerce Clause, but lost 5-4 based on ObamaCare being a tax – something Obama had repeatedly denied.  Three other challenges (not ours) to ObamaCare before the U.S. Supreme Court were then “denied cert" on Friday.

But our lawsuit against ObamaCare, which we filed three days after it was signed into law, can now continue based on our argument that ObamaCare is an unconstitutional “takings” under the Fifth Amendment.  And Thursday’s ruling by the Court actually helps our case, because government should not be able to order one private citizen (a patient) to give money to another private citizen (a health insurance company) under penalty of taxation if he doesn’t.  Fifth Amendment precedent does not allow this, and we will give the courts a second chance to correct Thursday’s mistake.  It’s not unusual for the Court to reverse itself, and it’s important to give it a case in which to correct an error.  AAPS will.

In the meantime, we litigate against hospital conglomerates that would gain even more power under ObamaCare.  Hospitals and medical boards pose growing threats to the practice of private medicine, and we are scheduled for trial in October in our precedent-setting case against the Texas Medical Board, which is the most anti-physician in the nation.  

We are also preparing to litigate against credentialing boards that impose suffocating, senseless (Maintenance of Certification - MOC & Maintenance of Licensure - MOL) recredentialing requirements on physicians.  This needs to be stopped before it becomes a requirement for renewal of licensure, as some plan.  You can make a tax-deductible contribution to these legal efforts by clicking here.


AAPS has escalated our presence on Capitol Hill to make sure decision-makers hear from physicians about the true solutions that will restore the patient-physician relationship during this critical time.  In addition to frequent communication with physician Congressmen and Senators (many of whom are AAPS members themselves), AAPS has held and participated in recent months in 5 hearings and briefings on the Hill.  Our next DC event will be a briefing with Congressman Paul Broun on July 18: What Patient-Centered Medicine Looks Like: case studies and policy initiatives from physician leaders. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

We are redoubling our advocacy and political activism, after having endorsed many fine candidates in this spring’s primaries - including numerous AAPS member candidates who pounded the campaign trail educating the public about the dangers of ObamaCare.  In addition, AAPS is helping match physicians with campaigns looking for doctors willing to speak out about PPACA. Candidates opposed to ObamaCare need you - the doctors of America - to help them educate voters!  Please be sure to let us know if you are interested in speaking up for candidates on a national or local level.  You don't even have to be willing to speak in front of an audience to help.  Doctors are still the most trusted profession and simply providing these candidates with short statements of support for them to use in their campaigns can be very helpful. Want to lend your voice in support of candidates?  Please reply to this email to let us know and also check out a resource organizing physicians to collaborate with campaigns.

The AAPS PAC has raised more than $30,000 so far this election cycle and is dedicated to helping elect the candidates who will throw out ObamaCare and put patients and their physicians back in charge.  Two recent strategic donations by the PAC to political campaigns have been made this month with many more to come, but we need AAPS members to donate online at* to reach our goal. Eight of the candidates the PAC supported in 2010 were physicians running for office for the first time or against an incumbent. Five of these doctors won and went to Congress  – in part because of your help! (Andy Harris, M.D. of Maryland, Scott DesJarlais, M.D. of Tennessee, Rand Paul, M.D. of Kentucky, Joe Heck, D.O. of Nevada, and Dan Benishek, M.D. of Michigan.)  This month the PAC contributed to the campaign of Vermont gubernatorial candidate Randy Brock, who will stop Vermont's dangerous socialized medicine legislation, and also physician candidate for U.S. Senate (WA), Art Coday, MD.


AAPS members are on the front lines of showing how true (non-government funded) charity medical care can help the poor who need care receive it in a patient-centered (physician, not bureaucrat-controlled) setting.  Our President, Dr. Alieta Eck is tirelessly working to educate her colleagues and also to get laws passed that will allow physicians to more easily share their skills in this way.  More information about these efforts is at the AAPS New Jersey Chapter website -


Media interest in physician opinion on ObamaCare is at an all time high and AAPS doctors are appearing more than ever on national and local TV, in newspapers, and on the radio.  Our Past President Lee Hieb, M.D. appeared on Stossel last month, AAPS Director Lee Vliet, M.D. was invited on the O'Reilly Factor, Executive Director Jane Orient, M.D. is a contributor to the Washington Times, our physician written op-eds are regularly circulated to thousands of media movers and shakers, and our physician members are on talk radio, frequently several times a week.  Repealing ObamaCare will be in the forefront of the public discussion for the next 4 months and we anticipate the demand by the media for physician opinion to grow. Thus, we are looking for additional AAPS members willing to speak to the media. Please let us know if this is one of the ways you are willing to help!


We were hoping that the Supreme Court would give us a reason to toss the remaining few Stop ObamaCare bumper stickers left over from the 40,000 that have been distributed across America.  Since the battle continues, stickers are still available. Read more about this grassroots outreach tool by clicking here.


Another crucial task, that must continue to grow now, is educating patients and colleagues before they make critical decisions in November 2012.  AAPS has numerous efforts simultaneously working towards this goal. 

Because of your help, we have been able to grow a vast network of both physicians and concerned citizens that are regularly seeing AAPS materials.  The AAPS Facebook page, which has surpassed 130,000 subscribers, distributes AAPS educational articles, videos, and more across the increasingly important social network. In addition we have tens of thousands who receive our information by email, many of whom forward the information on to their sphere of influence. On Twitter AAPS networks with a wide spectrum of leaders and activists fighting for freedom.

AAPS meetings and townhalls continue to be an important and popular resource for arming our members and the public with the tools and information they need to keep private medicine alive. And the meetings reach many many more than just those who attend in person through the AAPS YouTube channel, where videos have been viewed 123,409 times as of this morning.   You won't want to miss attending in person our major upcoming event: the 69th Annual Meeting, October 4-6 in San Diego. Check out the all-star faculty already lined up at and sign up today.

Even if you can't attend in person, your financial contributions can help send medical students to our meeting. Last year 8 students received a full scholarship to attend the AAPS 68th Annual Meeting. This year we would like to at least double that number. Learn how you can help this effort to fight back against medical school indoctrination at

Please talk and distribute materials to your patients.  It is more important than ever for physicians to speak one-on-one with your patients about why the path medicine is on will be harmful for all our health. No doubt you told them your concerns about government-run medicine before ObamaCare passed but did you speak out as often as or effectively as you could have?  A sample letter to your patients can be found by clicking here.  Dr. Jane Orient's summary of PPACA is another popular handout. 

Encourage your patients and anyone else in your sphere of influence to join AAPS as a Medical Freedom Fighter for FREE! (Click here for a flier you can give to your patients about this free membership.)  This will ensure that they stay informed - with information from doctors - about the issues that will affect their ability to access quality and affordable care.

The documentary Sick & Sicker is another powerful tool to help accomplish the goal of educating patients.  AAPS has special bulk pricing on this film available to our members.  We are also looking for physicians to show this important film in their area.  Please contact us if you have an interest; we have a limited number of public screening licenses available.

And last but not least, don't forget about the regular resources AAPS sends to our members like the monthly AAPS News and quarterly Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.

Please feel free to share any other ideas you have about how AAPS can help in this battle!

Thank you for standing along side AAPS and your colleagues in the fight against government intrusion into the patient-doctor relationship and if you haven't yet filled out our short survey please do so now.

*Only full AAPS members are eligible to donate to the PAC.  Full rules at