AAPS Member Dr. Rand Paul Wins Presidential Straw Poll
Rand Paul, M.D.
AAPS Member Dr. Rand Paul Wins Presidential Straw Poll

Longtime AAPS member Rand Paul, M.D., who spoke at our annual meeting in 2009, won the first major Presidential straw poll for 2016 at CPAC today.  Congratulations, Rand!

Ideas do matter. It is interesting that no member of the AMA is doing as well on the national political stage as AAPS members are.

Of course, we welcome members of all political stripes.  At the same time, we continue to advocate for less governmental interference with the practice of private and like Rand Paul, we oppose ObamaCare, and earlier this week we filed an emergency motion for injunctive relief before the D.C. Circuit to block enforcement of a key part of ObamaCare.  AAPS is the most legally active physicians' group in the nation working to protect physicians' and patients' rights.

When Dr. Rand Paul was running for Senate in Kentucky in 2010 - and was supported by AAPS PAC - the press tried to smear him based on his membership in AAPS.  But Dr. Paul did not back down or apologize, and he won in a stunning landslide.

We applaud and congratulate Dr. Rand Paul for his spectacular success today. Not everyone will agree with everything a candidate says, but it is heartwarming to see such a fine physician and AAPS member win the presidential straw poll.  Maybe we'll see Rand again at our annual meeting in Denver on Sept. 25-28. Mark your calendars now!

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