AAPS Endorses Don Stenberg for U.S. Senate
AAPS Endorses Don Stenberg for U.S. Senate

The Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS), a voice for private medicine since 1943, enthusiastically endorses Republican candidate Don Stenberg for U.S. Senate, in Tuesday’s Republican primary in Nebraska. Don is also endorsed by AAPS Member Dr. Rand Paul.

We need someone who will stand up against ObamaCare, and Don Stenberg has the principles and track record to do exactly that. His major opponent, Jon Bruning, is an establishment liberal likely to sell us out at the first available opportunity. Don Stenberg will fight for us and our patients, and that is why we agree with our member Dr. Rand Paul in giving our full endorsement to Don Stenberg.

We agree with Dr. Paul when he said, in his recent endorsement of Don, that “Don Stenberg will stand as a true conservative, across the board: he will defend the second amendment, protect unborn life, and fight union power through Right to Work laws.”

Don Stenberg’s list of endorsements on his website is one the most impressive we have ever seen: http://stenbergforsenate.com/endorsements/ . One glance at that list, which is a “who’s who” of the conservative and Tea Party movements, is compelling proof that Don is the future, not the RINO (Republican in name only) Jon Bruning. Dr. Rand Paul needs more allies in U.S. Senate, and Don Stenberg will work with Dr. Paul in rescuing the practice of medicine and our nation.

Last Tuesday Indiana voters selected conservative Richard Mourdock in a stunning 21-point victory over the entrenched liberal incumbent Dick Lugar. This proved that Americans no longer have to settle for second best. We can and should elect principled candidates like Don Stenberg to defend private, ethical medicine against government takeover. Both Jon Bruning and Deb Fischer remind us of the failed Dick Lugar, happy to go along to get along.

Don Stenberg is our first choice in the Republican primary on Tuesday. We hope he is your first choice also. The Association of American Physicians & Surgeons gives Don Stenberg our strongest endorsement.

AAPS held a seminar and meeting in Nebraska in 2011, where we have practicing physicians as members.

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