Proposed Resolutions
Medical Society State of NY adopts resolutions in opposition to MOC and MOL
On the weekend of April 13, 2013, the Medical Society State of New York House of Delegates adopted resolutions in opposition to MOC and MOL. RESOLUTION IN OPPOSITION TO MANDATORY MAINTENANCE OF CERTIFICATION Resolutions 165 and 168, Opposition to Mandatory Maintenance of Certification, were combined. A substitute resolution was offered by the Reference Committee and the House added an additional resolved between the third and fourth resolveds. What was adopted reads as follows: RESOLVED, That the Medical Society of the State of New York acknowledges that the certification requirements within the Maintenance of Certification process are costly, time intensive and... read more
Resolution 01-2012: AMA Monopoly on Continuing Medical Education
WHEREAS: many states require physicians to obtain "category 1" CME credit to maintain their licenses, and WHEREAS: Category 1 credit is under the control of the ACCME, which is controlled by the AMA, since all "CME providers" are directly or indirectly accredited by ACCME; and WHEREAS: the ACCME imposes increasingly costly and onerous bureaucratic requirements that only large, well-funded organizations can meet, thereby increasing the cost of medical care, and WHEREAS: the AMA, through the ACCME, can control the content of CME programs through covert means disguised as enforcing compliance with nebulous, subjective bureaucratic requirements, and WHEREAS: the AMA represents... read more
Resolution 03-2012: Enrollee Hold Harmless Clause
WHEREAS: True medical insurance in the United States is rare to virtually nonexistent; and WHEREAS: A third party prepayment system has supplanted insurance and direct payment for routine medical services; and WHEREAS: Third party prepayment destroys the patient-physician relationship, and short-circuits the normal regulatory mechanisms of a free market, leading to perverse incentives, shortages, and cost escalation; and WHEREAS: The foundation for the business model of the third party prepayment system is the Enrollee Hold Harmless Clause that is a part of virtually all provider contracts; and WHEREAS: The existence and significance of this clause is generally concealed. BE IT... read more
Model Lesiglation on Physician Relicensing
Background information Advances in healthcare have required physicians to remain current in their own specialty on a continuing basis. Physicians generally remain current in their knowledge base by attending seminars, reading journals, discussions with other physicians, and various other endeavors which are designed to continually improve a physician’s delivery of medical care. Many states require that a certain number of continuing medical education (CME) hours be obtained on a yearly basis in order to maintain a license to practice medicine. Nobody argues against the importance of continuing medical education. Most physicians accomplish this on their own, with or without legislation... read more
Model Resolution on Maintenance of Licensure (MOL)
Whereas: in 2010 the Federation of State Medical Boards, Inc., (FSMB) House of Delegates adopted the Maintenance of Licensure (MOL) framework, a process by which physicians periodically provide, as a condition of license renewal, evidence that they are actively participating in a program of continuous professional development that is relevant to their areas of practice, measured against objective data sources and aimed at improving performance over time; and Whereas: the FSMB website states that, in lieu of MOL, the American Board of Medical Specialties Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program and the American Osteopathic Association Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists’ Osteopathic Continuous... read more
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