AAPS News June 2016 - Refuse to Enable Politicized Medicine
AAPS News June 2016 - Refuse to Enable Politicized Medicine
Volume 72, no. 6 June 2016 Act I of the saga to socialize medicine and destroy private medicine in America arguably began in 1965, with the passage of Medicare, then Medicaid. Almost immediately, the cost escalation began, as predicted by AAPS. Before 10 years had passed, the federal government was already violating the promises enshrined in the amendments to the Social Security Act that established Medicare, §1801, §1802, and §1803 (AAPS News, July 1997, noninterference in medical practice or compensation, or in alternate forms of insurance. Act II began in 1972 with “landmark” Professional Standards Review Organizations (PSRO) and... read more
AAPS News April 2016 - Death Care
AAPS News April 2016 - Death Care
Volume 72, no. 4 April 2016 In the post-Hippocratic, post-Christian, post-modern era, facilitating or even causing death is becoming a form of treatment, often called “end-of-life” care. This is now supposed to be voluntary, although the decision might be made decades prior to the event. There is a continuum, and it is “evolving.” The leading edge is in Canada, which is the first jurisdiction in the world to require physicians to perform assisted suicide or euthanasia or make an “effective referral.” This is considered “an appropriate balancing of the rights of patients and the conscience rights of physicians” ( A... read more
AAPS News March 2016 - EMR: The Potemkin VIlliage of Medicine
Volume 72, no. 3 March 2016 The deterioration of American medicine is visible to the naked eye. Anecdotes tell of soiled dressings in overflowing trash; long delays in giving pain medications to post-op patients; family members having to bring food; a patient lying unattended on the floor of an emergency department for many hours, complaining of severe pain, until he left without being seen and died of sepsis in another hospital a few days later ( These occurred in top-ranked American hospitals. These reports are from patients’ families. Where are the doctors? We do have anonymous, generalized complaints in responses... read more
AAPS News November 2015 - Peak America?
Volume 71, no. 11 November 2015 The phrase “Peak Oil”—forgotten since the shale revolution—implies that after the pinnacle, it is all downhill. We’ll either slide backward, into medieval sources of energy—sunlight, wind, and human muscle, or take a new path. More than 100 nuclear power reactors will start up in the next decade—in China. For a $1 trillion investment, China expects to have 400 new reactors by 2050. What about America? At the October Casey Research Summit in Tucson, there were a number of sessions on how to move capital out of the U.S., while it is still possible. An... read more
AAPS News September 2015 - Planned Inhumanity
Volume 71, no. 9 September 2015 One author admits that he is “not shocked” by videos showing officials of Planned Parenthood speaking callously about the harvesting of fetal organs. “The fact that money is exchanged, and the question of whether this constitutes a ‘market,’ do not particularly matter to me,” writes Robert Oscar Lopez. “Well-educated people believe that ‘planned parenthood’ can lead to a socially just world. That hubris is the main horror from which all these other abhorrent things descend.” “Consider the intellectual consequences of this foundational belief that humanity can be ‘planned.’” It means that humans can be... read more
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