AAPS News March 2015 - ObamaCare Bypass
AAPS News March 2015 - ObamaCare Bypass
Volume 71, no. 3 The new Republican-controlled Congress has passed yet another symbolic bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), although many say that it can’t really be repealed until 2017, with a Republican in the White House. Obama is protecting his legacy: a “signature” bill that is hated by the majority of Americans, which is becoming more entrenched and doing more damage every day. Potentially good, possibly unintended consequences of ACA include severing the link between employment and medical insurance, the cause of much of the problem of pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, many will switch to dependency on bankrupt... read more
AAPS News January 2015 - The Destruction of Insurance
Volume 71, no. 1 The Affordable Care Act (ACA or ObamaCare) has essentially destroyed the individual market for medical insurance, and is well on the way to eliminating employer-provided health plans. As Jonathan Gruber revealed, this is an intended though deceitfully concealed consequence. The attack did not, however, start with ACA. In 1965, more than half of U.S. seniors had private insurance. President Johnson destroyed this market overnight to assure the success of “his” program. In the early 1990s, AAPS past president Lois Copeland, M.D., visited a number of CEOs of insurance companies, looking for products seniors could buy to... read more
AAPS News December 2014 - The End Justifies The Means
AAPS News December 2014 - The End Justifies The Means
Volume 70, no. 12 AAPS and many others predicted the destructive effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA or ObamaCare) from the outset. MIT economist Jonathan Gruber has provided incontrovertible evidence that the bill’s architects also knew that Obama’s promises were lies. They are not stupid. Gruber is now “the avatar not only of Obamacare, but of liberal paternalism, a caricature of the snotty, know-it-all technocrat who will make decisions for people without consulting them,” writes David Dayen (Fiscal Times 11/21/14). Of the two types of advocates that Milton Friedman said were needed to promote bad policy, Gruber is a... read more
AAPS News November 2014 - War on Life
Volume 70, no. 11 Not so long ago, death was considered an enemy that doctors fought. They felt defeated if they “lost” a patient. Donald Seldin, M.D., founder of the medicine program at Texas Southwestern, said that the purpose of medicine was to “relieve pain, prevent disability, and postpone death.” Under the new order, death can be a “right” or a tool, and hastening death may be a means to the end of population health. Not all human life is a problem—just that which is unwanted, excessive, low-quality, not productive, imperfect, or not permitted (in China now, perhaps here in... read more
AAPS News October 2014 - ObamaCare Kudzu
Volume 70, no. 10 October 2014 With its complicated structure and phased implementation—and strategic modifications and delays that blunted opposition, ObamaCare is becoming deeply entrenched. Former congressman Ernest Istook writes: “Obamacare was designed to be the governmental equivalent of kudzu—growing everywhere, propagating by multiple means, and sinking in its roots and becoming impossible to control.” Kudzu (Pueraria lobata), native to Southeast Asia, is an invasive plant in the U.S., outpacing herbicide spraying and mowing. It can smother trees and envelop entire structures. At first used to shade porches, it has become “the vine that ate the south.” Kudzu chokes off... read more
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