Early Bird Registration Extended Thru 8/17
Early Bird Registration Extended Thru 8/17
Dear AAPS Members and Friends: Last night I informed our 71st Annual Meeting program committee that — thanks to the phenomenal faculty and topics they've lined up for this year's event — we are about to set an attendance record. Committee Chairman, Dr. Richard Amerling, was NOT satisfied with that news.  Why?  He doesn't want to break the record; he wants to "shatter" it! This morning Dr. Amerling authorized me to reopen "Early Bird" registration.  If you register before Monday you will get $50.00 off your registration.   Take a look at the updated meeting agenda and all-star speaker list and... read more
Deadline 6/2 for opting out of sweeping settlement
Here we go again: another massive health insurance company, this time located in New Jersey, seeks a class-action settlement that will wipe away millions of dollars in obligations to physicians, and prevent physicians from suing the company to collect.  Many physicians who receive these class action settlements probably toss them into the trash, without realizing that they lose their rights by doing so. Like other insurance company settlements, this binds physicians unless they affirmatively opt out of it. These settlements are a fantastic deal for insurance companies, but are often terrible for physicians who are then unable to collect against the... read more
Hillary Clinton San Diego Appearance Changes To Satellite As Protest Swells
By Wayne Iverson, MD
Hillary Clinton San Diego Appearance Changes To Satellite As Protest Swells
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had a sudden scheduling change related to her appearance in San Diego on April 11, 2014 at a major healthcare conference. Local residents made aware of Hillary Clinton's coming to San Diego organized a protest rally addressing the former Secretary's role in what has been termed the Benghazi Cover Up. According to Pat Smith, mother of one of the fallen heroes Sean Smith, attendees were given a notice last week that Hillary's appearance as Key Note Speaker had been changed to a satellite presentation. Hillary Clinton's swing through California for April 2014 was... read more
Deadline soon for opting out of Aetna settlement
When physicians received a booklet in the mail containing notice of a class-action settlement with Aetna, many of us tossed it in the garbage.  We have posted a copy online for you here:   Shockingly, this settlement binds physicians unless they affirmatively opt out of it. This settlement is a fantastic deal for ... Aetna, as it gets out of perhaps billions of dollars in claims by paying only a small pittance on what it owes.  How much does Aetna owe you?  Most physicians can kiss their claims against Aetna goodbye if they do nothing with respect to this notice... read more
Are Eligible Patients Forced to Use Medicaid?
One of our members posed some very good questions about whether a private doctor is allowed to treat a Medicaid beneficiary as a private patient--and whether, once signed up for Medicaid, a patient is allowed only the care he can get under that program. We have sent a letter to CMS administrator Marilyn Tavenner and a press release concerning the letter. It would help if others would send a similar letter to her, with a copy to medical and civic organizations, news outlets, and members of Congress. And please forward AAPS a copy of any replies. Here is the letter:... read more
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