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Hall of Shame - Hospital Industry Reveals It's Strategic Plan: Control Over Physicians

"The hospital industry, led by its lawyers (notably Horty Springer & Mattern of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who represent hundreds of hospitals nationwide), is out to decimate the independence of medical staffs and take away physicians' rights. Their objective is clear: They want to place unfettered power and economic control over doctors i the hands of hospital administrators. How do we know? Because they have said so." - Charles Bond, Esq.

Download the actual letter written by the hospital attorneys and their recommendations to the JCAHO. (PDF format)

For an excellent point by point critique of the hospital attorneys' letter go to www.medscape.com/viewarticle/470261 - The War is on: Why your medical staff needs to incorporate and obtain its own independent counsel by Charles Bond, Esq. Medscape General Medicine 6(1), 2004, posted 03/22/2004