U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Attention: Privacy I
Room 801
Hubert H. Humphrey Building
200 Independence Avenue, SW.
Washington, D.C. 20201

Dear Honorable Tommy Thompson,

First let me thank you for delaying the February 26, 2000 implementation of HIPAA. Your leadership demonstrates a long awaited return to a Presidential Administration committed to the welfare of the family and freedom and honesty in healthcare. My first and foremost concern is the following HPAA regulation:

CHILD/PARENT BARRIER: Parents may not be allowed to have access to the medical record information of their minor children and children may be treated without consent. [164.502(g)(1) Standard: Personal representatives]

This regulation supports government tyranny, which destroys the God-given rights of parents. Please immediately remove this regulation from HIPAA and restore parental rights protection for our children in all health plans. Without parental rights protecting our children, the future of our great nation and the nucleus of our society, the American family will be destroyed.

I am sure you are also aware of other regulations in HIPAA that are destructive to our basic freedoms in health care. It is ironic that regulations that were initially intended to protect medical privacy have the opposite effect, putting privacy of individually identifiable health information at even greater risk than exists today.

Partnerships between private industry and federal and state government bureaucracies have demonstrated they can not be trusted with our medical records or in safeguarding Internet privacy. Americans deserve to have regulations that protect parents authority over their children, patient-physician relationships, and that make government and big business partnerships in health care financing and administration accountable to the American people.

If I can be of assistance in testifying further on parents being undermined by private and public health plans, please contact me. Again, thank you for your commitment to protecting the American family and freedom in health care.

Very sincerely yours,

Michael J. O'Dea
Executive Director Health Consultant