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Ron Paul needs your help signing sponsors for his

Help AAPS member, Ron Paul, M.D., by calling your Members of Congress and asking them to support H.R. 1699, "The Patient Privacy Act."

Ask to speak to the Member, his Legislative Director, or the person who handles health care.

Use this "Dear Colleague" letter for your talking points - offer to send it to them if they haven't seen it.

If you need more information, contact:

Norman Kirk Singleton
Legislative Director
Congressman Ron Paul
203 Cannon
[email protected]

Keep Big Brother (et al) Out of Your Doctor's Office!
Cosponsor the Patient Privacy Act!

May 2, 2003
Dear Colleague:

Imagine having to choose between keeping vital information from your physician or giving government agents, state-favored special interests and any computer hacker who knows your "unique health identifier," the ability to discover embarrassing details about your medical history! This nightmare may become a reality unless Congress passes the Patient Privacy Act (HR 1699), which repeals the misnamed federal "medical privacy" rule. HR 1699 also repeals the law allowing the federal government to assign every American a unique health identifier and prevents the federal government from establishing or funding any database containing private health information.

Claims that this regulation protects "medical privacy" is an example of misinformation that would make Orwell blush. This so-called "privacy" regulation allows federal bureaucrats and powerful special interests, such as insurance companies and taxpayer-funded researchers, to access private medical records -- without the patient's consent!

According to a survey by the respected Gallup Company, over 90% of the American public oppose allowing federal bureaucrats and politically-powerful interests access to medical records without patient consent! Please heed the wishes of the American people. Repeal the HHS regulation and kill the unique health identifier before they destroy medical privacy and quality health care. Call Norm at 5-2831 and cosponsor HR 1699 today!


Ron Paul