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AAPS Wins Pediatric Drug Case!

FDA overstepped authority
Children should not be regulatory guinea pigs
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Today, AAPS won what our attorney, Andrew Schlafly, calls a “stunning court victory.” A federal judge has ruled that the FDA overstepped its authority with the “Pediatric Drug Rule.”

This rule would have required pediatric trials of all new drugs, including off-label uses and those intended only for adult use.

AAPS has taken some heat from some prominent members of Congress (you know who they are), and been accused of trying to keep pharmaceuticals from children. But the fact is, our concern has been just the opposite. We filed the suit to prevent children being subjected to unnecessary and potentially dangerous clinical trials. Also, the requirement would have resulted in further delays of drug approvals.

This is another example of the excellent work achieved through the AAPS Legal Foundation, which is funded solely through your contributions. Click here to make a donation to the Foundation.

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