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Action Needed TODAY To Delay Clinton’s Bad Medical Privacy Regulations

HHS CONTACTS: The Honorable Tommy Thompson
Secretary of Health and Human Services
(877) 696-6775
[email protected]

Clinton’s leftover medical privacy regulations that give the federal government unprecedented access to our personal medical records are scheduled to go into effect on Monday, February 26.

THESE REGULATIONS MUST BE DELAYED!! Please send an email TODAY telling HHS Secretary Thomas Thompson that you oppose implementation of the HIPAA Privacy Regulations. Posted at the bottom of this alert is a sample message to send.

One of President Bush’s first acts was to delay implementation of federal regulations foisted on us by the Clinton Administration. But so far, this is one that President Bush has missed. But there is some indication that HHS Secretary Thompson is considering postponing the implementation date.

Many of us have problems with specific provisions of these regulations, but the bottom line is that THIS IS A BAD PLAN THAT MUST BE DELAYED.


This 1,500 page document is a direct result of the Clinton view that the government should control every aspect of our medical care. The basic problem is that the regulations, touted as protecting patient privacy, would actually compromise our privacy. The bottom line is that the regulations are so confusing that no one knows what are the ultimate results, and the final decisions would be handed off to the Office of Civil Rights. So whatever the lawyers in that office decree as your right to medical privacy would be the final word. Your privacy would be out of your control.

For example:

  • The rules may create a massive federal mandate that requires every doctors to share patients’ records with the federal government, without patient consent.

  • Patients may have no guarantee of recourse for breaches of medical privacy other than the right to complain.
  • The regulations may prevent doctors from informing parents of the specifics of their child’s medical condition.
  • Patients may be refused medical treatment if they won’t give consent to health care providers to divulge their medical records to any parties.


If you need more information about the Myths and Facts About the Federal Medical Privacy Rules, please check out the Institute for Health Freedom website at: www.forhealthfreedom.org

or contact the Association of American Physicians and Sugeons at: [email protected]


Dear Mr. Secretary:

I (we) urge you to delay implementation of the HIPAA Privacy Regulations scheduled to take effect on February 26, 2001.

These regulations, promulgated by the previous adminstration, are so confusing and impossible to implement, that I (we) believe that they could actually hamper patients’ privacy, give the government more access to confidential patient records, and allow unlimited use or sales of records by private parties.

Further, we believe that the Department of Health and Human Services may by overstepping its constitutional powers if these regulations are implemented.