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To stop Imprisonment of more than 1600 Maryland parents In “vaccine roundup”


This past spring your vocal and dedicated action resulted in the reversal of the HPV mandate ordered by Texas governor, as well as legislation from Congressman Phil Gingrey (R-GA) to block federal funding for state-mandated HPV programs.

Our fight now turns to Maryland, specifically, Prince George's County (PG County) which is within spitting distance of Washington DC. And since this has developed quickly WE NEED YOUR HELP TODAY!!

In a scene reminiscent of cattle round-ups, the state’s attorney has issued summons to more than 1600 parents of children who have not provided certificates of immunization for their children. These parents have been told to appear in Court on Saturday, and either subject their children to on-the-spot state-mandated vaccines of up 17 vaccine doses, or face imprisonment.

Parents who ignore the court’s demands could face a $50 fine for every day their child is out of compliance or up to 10 days in jail.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way, but it's got to get done," threatened Maryland State's Attorney, Glenn F. Ivey. But Mr. Ivey apparently has no problem invoking his own right to informed consent and parental control. In a radio interview on Thursday, he admitted that he chose to refuse the hepatitis B vaccines for his own children.

Of particular note is that this mandate applies across the board to all schools, public and PRIVATE, and even daycare facilities – whether they receive government funding or not.


1. SIGN the coalition letter to the GovernorClick here to read

2. EMAIL Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley

Email form on website: http://www.governor.maryland.gov/mail/


Make sure they know what will happen if they try it there


If you’re in the Maryland area, we need as many people as possible to attend the hearing on Saturday. We’ll provide flyers to educate parents about exemptions, their rights, and legal help available. CNN and other news crews will be out there LIVE on Saturday. We need to make a big showing of support for parental rights and informed consent!

Around the country: we need volunteers to help phone the parents of PG County.

CONTACT: [email protected]

ALSO, WE WANT TO SPEAK WITH SOME MARYLAND PARENTS WHO WILL REFUSE THE VACCINES. We may be able to provide them with some legal assistance, and want to help them tell their story through the media. We have a number of reporters who are willing to report on the parents’ side of the story if parents are willing to go public. Otherwise, you know the story will be that of the state and school district “that a bunch of crazy anti-vax parents insist on endangering the lives of all of the children in PG schools.”

(NOTE: As we have stated repeatedly, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and other members of the “Hands Off Our Kids” Coalition are not anti-vaccines. But we recognize that vaccines are a personal medical decision – a decision that should be made by parents with the consultation of their physician. A state- or school-mandated vaccine amounts to coerced medical treatment without consent. See the AAPS resolution against mandatory vaccines:http://www.aapsonline.org/testimony/vacresol.htm.